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WWOOF = World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

We have just started last year, so everything is in the very beginning!  We will be building new benches for vegetables, composts etc... I love to build with growing material like willow - and we have plenty of clay in the ground too...  We have planted a lot of fruit trees last year, so they need some attention.  One important task for next summer is to help the closest forest berries and mushrooms to survive last winters tree cutting so we will be cleaning (neighbours) forest for firewood and building materials.  We might start to built a greenhouse and at some point and will be (machine)digging new water ponds.  I do a lot of different handicraft, depends on time you stay of course, if there's time to do / learn some.  I also hold few childrens "indian"camps (five days, max 6 kids 10-15 years, some horseriding, handicraft, making food with fire, playing drum in the evening etc...)  Then I would also need help babysitting sometimes and cooking, taking kids to swim...  We also hold some courses -also permaculture course coming at some point next summer and other happenings.

Our animals are part of family and they are not raised to be eaten.  They are all kind and lovely.  We eat almost only organic and I can teach to use local wild vegetables.  I also run a company that sells organic vegetables and products.

Farm is located between two beautiful forests, so it's just few steps, if you want to rest in the lap of nature.  We are on an island - nearest swimming beach is 1km from our house.  Closest town is 15km, closest shop is in the house :) next small village shop is 4 km away.  Possibility for western horseback riding lesson at neighbors farm 20€/hour.  I Can possibly help to arrange kayaking trip, bicycles to use etc...  15min with car is 2 eco-communities located - one is also searching for permacultural ideas - nice people and places to visit too.

My family:  Me (34 years) -tough and capable for many things!  I play flute and there's often jamming happening somewhere... so if you musical - take your instrument with you!  Children: Ruska (girl, 12 years) - loves to ride horses, Kuura (boy 9 years) is interested everything that is round!  Likes to poke round objects with a stick,  Aava (girl 7 years) VERY active person that is VERY interested to learn everything and can speak English too.  Silmu (girl 3 years) happy litlle creature. + Often some friends visiting, camping a day or a week, helping with house and farm etc.  I don't use alcohol and we are vegetarians.  I prefer not to have meet cooked indoors.  Vegan and rawfood diets can be taken care of.  Special diets would be good to know before to have ingredients for food when you come. 

All kind of help is welcomed, because we have so many different projects going on!  Some work will be hard for muscles, some work can be boring, some need patience, some is just pure joy!  I try to make days variating and different.  I prefer to give a lot of freedom when and how to do things if possible.  If you are artistic, I would love to give you space for that too!  I always appriciate if you can have children helping and learning with you.  My way of working and living can sometimes be a little chaotic, but we get a lot done :)  I just warn that if you are extremely tidy person, and you can't tolerate others being messy - this might not be the place for you, here is 4 children living!  I have been living in a big community before that's on wwoofing list also, and I've been taking care of wwooffers then, which was a lovely task for me! - so I'm expecting to meet many new nice people next summer :)

 Joy! :) Lotta